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Welcome to Golden Triangle Tour India


Welcome to Golden Triangle Tour India

Welcome to Golden Triangle Tour India

Elephant Festival Jaipur

The elephant is one of the most revered animals in Indian mythology. It is in fact, believed to be one of the 9 jewels that emerged from the ocean as a result of the ocean-churning that occurred between the demons and gods to attain the elixir of life and immortality.

In the context of Rajasthan in particular, they have a special significance as they were the carriers of royalty. All royal guests were taken to the famous Amber Fort on elephant back and special elephant fights were organized to provide entertainment for such guests. Jaipur in particular was preferred for honouring royal guests by riding them in parades atop elephants. Recognizing the importance of this cultural and historical legacy, the Rajasthan Tousrism department renewed the tradition, and because of this, a spectacular elephant festival is held here in March each year.

During this festival which is carried out at the Jaipur Chaugan Stadium, tens of decorated and heavily ornamented elephants enthrall the audience with their grand processions. An interesting fact is that most of the elephants participating in the festival are female and they are bedecked from their heads to the tips of tails with heavy jewellary, flowers, and all the possible ornamentation one can imagine. And to top it all, these lovely creatures also wear anklets that tinkle as they walk down the stadium in all their glory.

To add to the excitement, an range of elephant sports are also organized at the same time. In these games one can see the huge giants play polo, compete in races and even play holi –the Indian festival of colours - splashing each other with colours in bright and glittering powdered hues. On the less jovial side there are also elephant fights for those interested. Watching these fights makes one realize the ferocity and strength that these animals are capable of, something that makes their mildness even more fascinating! In addition to this, there is also the presence of folk dancers who hold the audience in raptures by their movements and exceptional agility.

Even though elephants are the focus of the festival, other equally decorated animals like camels and horses are also present with their riders firmly in the saddles. The ceremonial procession is now recreated to perfection with all the original grandeur of the yesteryears as these elephants, horses, chariots, lancers, camels, cannons, and palanquins move one after another spell-binding the entire audience that watches.

As the procession ends, tourists are also invited to mount the elephants and play along with the colours. These enthusiastic visitors join in the parade and gradually the entire atmosphere becomes thick with laughter and complete enjoyment. For a moment all the cares of the world seen to disappear and all that remains are these amazing creatures with their swirling trunks, a colour-filled stadium, the musical notes of folk performers and the age-old legacy of the grandeur of Rajasthani royalty!

Elephant Festival Jaipur

19 March 2011
07 March 2012
26 March 2013
16 March 2014
05 March 2015

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