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Welcome to Golden Triangle Tour India


Welcome to Golden Triangle Tour India

Welcome to Golden Triangle Tour India

About Agra

The city of Agra is said to have been founded by Raja Badal Singh in 1475. The Hindu epic 'Mahabharat' makes a reference to the 'Agraban' that supposedly made up part of Brij Bhumi, the ‘Land of Lord Krishna’, and this is believed to have been Agra, although it was covered by forests at that time.

Despite this early beginning, it was under the Mughals that the city rose to its pinnacle, getting transformed into one of the greatest centers of art, culture, trade and learning, specially during the 16th and early 17th centuries. The foundations of the first formal Persian garden were laid here on the banks of the River Yamuna by the Emperor Babar. The mausoleum of Emperor Akbar, Sikandra, is also located here, just outside the main city.

The city of Agra actually increased in importance when Akbar chose to make it his capital in 1526 after the battle of Panipat and the death of Ibrahim Lodi. The construction of his fort began in 1565, and the fort itself was completed under the supervision of Qasim Khan Mir Barr-u-Bahr in around 8 years and at a cost of 35 lakh rupees. Rose-red sandstone and marble buildings were added to the Fort by Akbar’s sons Jehangir and Shah Jahan respectively. Palaces like Khas mahal, the Diwan-i-Khaas and the Jehngir Palace are also housed here.

With its majestic monuments and rich arts and crafts, Agra leaves a lasting impression on all who visit it. Its leatherwork and pietra dura marble-inlay work are internationally known and acclaimed as masterpieces of delicacy. Its delectable Mughal cuisine has something to offer to people with all kinds of food preferences. However, today what Agra is most famous for is the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in loving memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal who died while giving birth to their fourteenth child. Built in pure white marble, this mausoleum more than any other monument takes credit for immortalizing Agra as the ‘City of the Taj’.

Just about 40 km from Agra, lies the city of Fatehpur Sikri which was built by Emperor Akbar in honor of the Sufi saint Sheikh Salim Chisti. This is also a very popular spot for visitors, and there is hardly anyone who leaves Agra without visiting Fatehpur Sikri as well.

To add to this there are two other famous places - Mathura and Vrindavan – that are in close proximity to Agra and that are integral part of the religious essence of the India. Significant in cultural, historical as well as mythological terms, both the cities present an excellent excursion option to those interested.

Agra is also host to a number of festivals like the Taj Mahostav held between 18-27 February every year, the Sheetla Fair, Kalish Fair (Aug-Sep), Bateshwar Fair (Nov) and the Urs Fair in November . The cultural tapestry of the city is so rich and diverse that visiting and participating in its experience are truly worthwhile investments of time, money, mind and soul.

Golden Triangle Tour India Golden Triangle Tour India
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